Setting Gain Structure

One of our clients had a conference room that was plagued with poor audio performance during conferences. Whether it was video calls, audio or both, the far end would always complain about echo. The client was convinced that the selected mixers were rubbish and that they should be replaced with mixers from a different manufacturer.

Before tens of thousands of dollars were spent on a new audio system, AVR came in for a few hours to verify that the existing mixers were configured properly.

Our instrumentation immediately showed that the microphones were “starving” the mixer (levels were not set properly). A standard talker (shown) was used to quickly set the microphones for a typical user.

Within four hours the system was operating flawlessly. Audio calls, video calls, bridge calls, speaker phones, cell phones - whatever was thrown at the system - sounded great in the room and at the far end.

More often than not the manufacturers have great products, but they must be configured correctly. AVR had the instrumentation and training required to do so in a very short time. Not only did we save our client a lot of money and time in the room, but we also maintained the manufacturer’s good name. It was a very successful four hours.

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