Nick Femister

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Lead Technician, CAD Specialist, CTS, CQT
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“The best way to complain is to make things.” - James Murphy

Nick Femister is an AVR technician and responsible for systems drawings. He hopped on board in the spring of 2013, doe-eyed and fresh out of SUNY Geneseo. Since then, he has achieved his InfoComm CTS and AQAV CQT certifications and since moved on to commission systems across the continental United States, testing and verifying complex systems for large private and government clients.

Since he was a child, Nick always had a love for sound and music, picking up guitars, keyboards and, later, mixers and microphones. Sound held his interest through college, where he ran sound for a number of student productions. When given the opportunity to work for AVR, he was fueled by the opportunity to learn about the AV industry and, of course, to play with the kind of cutting-edge equipment used professionally.