Gisela Torino

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System Specialist, CTS-I, CQT, CTD
Miscellaneous Information:

“The true delight is in the finding out rather than the knowing.” - Isaac Asimov

Gisela is a CTS-I, CQT, CQD Certified System Specialist (does a little bit of everything) at Audio Visual Resources. She is the company’s most senior (gets to choose her cubicle) testing and verification agent and the go-to person when it is time to travel all over the country (yes, lots of travel) commissioning AV systems.

She started her career as sound engineer for live and recording artists (prefers live), working with all types of music genres from jazz to salsa.  After dealing with too many heavy bass amplifiers and monstrous subwoofers, she decided to get an EET degree (at the tender age of 35) and move into the AV industry (where people don’t look at her angrily when the singer produces feedback by cupping the mic by its head) quickly establishing herself one of the AVR’s top programmers (design, control systems, and DSP, oh my).

Fun Facts:

Gisela likes to paint pretty birds, play guitar and repique (google it), and visit friends around the world.