Custom AV Training

AV Training Tailored To Your Team

Well-trained AV specialists will ensure the proper operation and longevity of your AV system. AVR's comprehensive and customized training program will create well-rounded, well-trained operators as quickly as possible.

  • Bring new operators up to speed on existing systems, or train existing operators on new systems.
  • Improve your staff's knowledge of the AV industry and the equipment involved in their systems.
  • Create an entire educational system for your AV operators, complete with a different operator levels and responsibilities.
  • Make trainings criteria-based, which include presentations and hands-on demonstrations performed by trainees. Trainings also include an evaluation to confirm absorption of the material, as well as tremendously improve retention.

All AVR training programs include a skills matrix that confirm all the trainees' needs are addressed.  An objective evaluation system certifies operators have met the requirements. 

AVR's AV specialists are seasoned instructors, who tailor curriculum to fit your AV training needs.

Reach out to an AVR specialist now to discuss your AV training needs. Call us at 516.873.1011.