Criteria-Based Training

Too many people today think a PowerPoint presentation is enough, especially when you are dealing with systems as complex as today’s AV systems.  Users must not only hear and see how the system operates, but they also need to do it themselves.  We are usually met with dropped jaws when we say that all participants at an AVR training will have to exercise every aspect of the system, but it is the only way to make sure the information registered with them.  This is the foundation of criteria-based training, and AVR believes in it whole heartedly.


It is not just about making sure everyone there knows how to operate the whole system, although that is the focus.  It is also about showing the system off to the people who will be using it.  It is about exercising the equipment and control system over and over again to prove to the client that the system is completely installed and robust enough to have several people run through it in a rapid fire manner.  We also certify those users who demonstrated that they could operate the system, so we have allies at the client’s location.  If someone calls us that we don’t have on the list, we can direct them to certified users of the system to rule out operator error. 


It also helps us get paid quicker because it is tough to question a system’s completeness after key users have spent the afternoon going through it with a fine-toothed comb.


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