AV 9000 Standard

Through Standards Come Excellence

Just like an ISO certification, the AV 9000 Standard Quality Management would be an industry-wide set of benchmarks and best practices. Compliance and certification give a buyer a way to easily assess an AV company's quality of service.

Individual skills and certifications are a necessity for assuring quality. Clients now know to look for credentials (CQD, CQT, CTS-D, CTS-I, etc.).

However, individual skills are insufficient; without Quality Management in an AV company's internal processes, there is no assurance of that level of quality is consistent throughout the whole company.

AV 9000 compliance goes beyond individual skills. It verifies that documented skills are being applied by the entire AV company .

Simplify Your Quality Management with AV 9000 Standard

AV 9000 compliance is rapidly becoming a requirement for large buyers of AV technology.

Download the AV 9000 Standard Commissioning Checklist

Learn more about AV 9000 Standard Compliance and it's champion,
the Association for Quality in AV Technology (AQAV)