AV System Design-Build

AV System Integration Design-Build

Soup to Nuts

AVR offers a full menu of AV system integration design services, from concept to commissioning, including design, drawing, rack fabrication, site file creation, control system programming, installation practices, testing procedures, operator training, system documentation.

Prix Fixe

Too many design-build firms are simply looking for that big job, no matter what the client really needs. At AVR, we look for the continued relationship with our clients rather than big ticket system improvements.

What you would like the system to do? We will only recommend the improvements you require, without the inflated proposals.

a la carte

Do you need design services, or maybe just a needs analysis? Are you a technology manager who needs a DSP site file written? Are you an integrator in need of an operator training program? Are you a designer who needs a design review for a finicky client?

AVR can supply a highly trained AV specialist that comes prepared with all the tools required to seamlessly jump into your project. We would become part of your team for as little (or as long) as your require a few extra experienced hands to finish that large project on time.

"AVR has performed several AV system integration designs for the Pratt Institute, ranging from a 30-seat classroom with video conferencing capability, to a fully-equipped 275-seat, state-of-the-art auditorium. The entire Multi Media Services department is very satisfied with both the quality and performance of the equipment AVR installed. We are even more impressed with the high quality of their personal service, which focuses on client satisfaction. I am most appreciative of how well they listen to our needs and objectives with each project. They do a terrific job of matching the scope of the installation to the available budget.

"Throughout the process, beginning with initial planning, through the contract, plan execution, document sharing, installation, training and preventative maintenance visits, AVR is a pleasure to work with. They bring their high level of technical expertise and a broad range of experience to help us make the right choices."
– Russ Abel, Director, Multi Media Services
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

Quality Counts

The AVR difference is our Quality Management System, which reviews every step of your AV system design process. The result is your AV system completed to perfection, on time, and within budget.

No Contest

AVR does not participate in bid projects in order to maintain control over the system design and objectivity in testing and commissioning.

Walking the Walk

AVR is ISO 9001 certified, which means you get exactly what we promise. An annual audit verifies that we walk the walk; it's one thing to claim you get a "subdued grin" from your clients, but another to prove it to an ISO 9000 auditor every year.

Fluent in C-Suite

You'll never have to learn "AV Speak." We are skilled translators who bring your ideas and desires to life, with an audiovisual system that is appropriate for your space, budget, and operation needs.

Regardless of what part of your AV design/build project we help with, every product, practice, and performance will be in full compliance with the proposed AV 9000 Standard, guaranteed to be the quality you expect.

How big is your AV design appetite?

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