AV Commissioning

In the world of advanced AV/IT, things don’t always work as planned.

But what if you could test the installation BEFORE it was complete? What if you could verify the system well in advance of that first board meeting or event?

Imagine how much time, money and anguish you could save by fixing small errors BEFORE they become big problems.

When third-party commissioning, testing and verification is applied to a project, everyone wins: the client receives exactly what they expected, the integrator gets off-site faster, and there are no service calls. When the project team buys in, the project lead time can be reduced by as much as 75%.

AVR will systematically inspect every element of your AV installation as it progresses, delivering the project completed, on time, and within budget. Your project is cross-referenced across a series of checklists, as laid out in our AV 9000 Quality Management System.

Minimize Risk with Design Review

A thorough review of your AV design package ensures that it will meet your specific needs and perform as promised.

Staging Tests
We visit your integrator’s rack fabrication facility to make sure your AV system is properly mocked up. After installation, any issues that arise will likely be related to field cables, which are easily remedied.

Commissioning Tests
Just prior to turning over the AV system to your team, we perform exacting commissioning tests. We ensure that your system meets your needs and performs as specified. The result is an AV system with zero defects, ready for use, and easily serviceable.

Protect Your Investment With AV 9000 Standardization

With AVR's third-party AV commissioning, based on the AV 9000 Quality Management System, you can be assured that your finished AV system will perform flawlessly, and according to the standards promised by your designer.

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