AV Commissioning Courses

AV Commissioning Courses

AV 9000 Certified QA Technician-AV (CQT)

Learn how to evaluate AV systems by applying auditing skills to verify compliance with the Customer's expectations and the AV 9000 Standard.

  • Three-day on-site course (8 am to 5 pm). 
  • 24 InfoComm RUs.
  • CTS or 4 years' experience in AV design and installation, pre-requisite.
  • Continental breakfast and lunch included.

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AV 9000 Certified QA Designer-AV (CQD)

Learn how to review a Design in order to assure that it will be built and installed to comply with the customer's expectations and best industry practices. 

NOTE: This course does NOT teach system design.

  • Three-day on-site course (8 am to 5 pm).
  • CTS-D or 4 years' experience in AV design and installation, pre-requisite.
  • Three-day on-site course, including certification test.
  • 24 InfoComm RUs.
  • Continental breakfast and lunch included.

QA 020 AV Commissioning for the AV Company

This course prepares the student to inspect an audiovisual system in accordance with the well-seasoned AV 9000 battery of tests for Commissioning and validate completeness and conformance of the system to specifications in product, practices, and performance.

Especially appropriate for AV professionals tasked with system design, writing system specifications, system build or install, or appraising a system.

  • One-day on-site course (8 am to 5pm).
  • Quality basics for engineered audio visual systems.
  • Basic performance criteria for an acceptable system.
  • Calibration of audio and visual systems.
  • The Staging Battery of Tests.
  • The Commissioning Battery of Tests.
  • Inspection notes and comments.
  • 8 InfoComm RUs.

Class Policies

  • Classes may be subject to a minimum attendance to assure the best learning experience.
  • Cancelation fees may apply.
  • Scholarships available.

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